Luther Price

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Born 1962 in Marlboro, Massachusetts, USA.
Lives and works in Revere, Massachusetts, USA

Massachusetts College of Art, Sculpture and Media/Performing (BFA 1987)
Professor at Massachusetts College of Art and Design


Light Windows, Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Harvard University

The Years made Flies, Participant Inc., New York

Now and Forever, Circus, Berlin
E'Wao Kagoshima and Luther Price, (two-person show), Vilma Gold, London

#9, Callicoon Fine Arts, New York
The Sound of Singing Through Dust, Gallery Soto, Boston

Imitation Of Life, Thread Waxing Space, New York


Cut to Swipe, The Museum of Modern Art, New York
James and Audrey Foster Prize, Fotene Demoulas Gallery, ICA, Boston
Group show, curated by Clarissa Dalrymple, Xavier Hufkens, Brussels

Night Studio, Vilma Gold, London
Whitney Biennial, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York
Second Nature: Abstract Photography Then and Now, DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, Lincoln, MA

No Soul for Sale, X Initiative (organized by Participant Inc), New York


A Paradise Built in Hell, Kunstverein Hamburg
OtherFilm Festival, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane
Anthology Film Archives, New York
Cinemateque, San Francisco
transmediale, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin

Selon Yve-Alain Bois: Le Cinéma expérimental aujourd'hui, Centre Pompidou, Paris
51st New York Film Festival (NYFF), Views from the Avant-Garde, Film Society, Lincoln Center, New York
60th Oberhausen Short Film Festival, Oberhausen, Germany

Bruised Jewels: Film and Slide Works by Luther Price, Artists Television Access and California College of the Arts, San Francisco
Luther Price, Counterpath Press, Denver, CO
Scene Missing, Sight Unseen, Baltimore, MA
Maximum Aperture, Chicago 8: Small Gage Film Festival, Cinema Borealis, Chicago
A Luther Price Bestiary, Views from the Avant-Garde, New York Film Festival
Apocalypse, The Current Gallery, Atlanta
Nine Films by Luther Price, curated by Thomas Beard & Ed Halter, Biennial of Moving Images, ICA, London
Selected 35mm Slides by Luther Price, Onion City Film Festival, Chicago
Toronto International Film Festival, Toronto, Canada
Dirty Looks: On Location, Rock Bar, New York
The Biscotts Series, Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, OH
The Biscott Series, Wisconsin Film Festival, Madison, WC
Dirty Looks: Long Distance Love Affairs, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles
Dirty Looks: Long Distance Love Affairs, Yale Film Study Center, New Haven, CT

4 Super 8 Films by Luther Price, Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles
Experimental Cinema Since 1975, Bard, Annendale-On-Hudson, New York
Fancy Days, Fancy Times (Dirty Looks), New York
Gate Shock: New and Rare Films by Luther Price, The Nightingale, Chicago
Shorts Program 3, Onion City Experimental Film and Video Festival, Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago
Kittens, Biscuits, and Blots, The Nightingale, Chicago
Under the Stars (Dirty Looks), Silvershed, New York

Alone in the Dark: Projected Phobias, San Francisco Cinematheque, San Francisco
If Huckleberry Finn Could Paint Like Hieronymus Bosch Programs 1 & 2 (Walking Picture Palace), Anthology Film Archives, New York
What Is Life Without the Living? (touring program), Artists Television Access, San Francisco; Mandrake, Los Angeles; NP Contemporary Art Center, New York
Meat: Two Videos by Luther Price, Louis V E.S.P., Brooklyn, New York

Hooded and Headless: An Erratic Survey of Anonymity in Recent Video and Life (curated by Harry Dodge), Light Industry, Brooklyn, New York

New Films by Luther Price, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco
Come Softly - “Be Continuous Often,” A Tribute to Bruce Conner (curated by Mark McElhatten), Light Industry, Brooklyn, New York
The Phantom Menace, New York Underground Film Festival, New York
We Melt Away (A Walking Picture Palace of Ice), Light Industry, Brooklyn, New York
The Walking Picture Palace: Crooked Fireworks, Wexner Center, Columbus, OH

Together We Slope (curated by Michael Robinson), Now Is The Winter, Ithaca, NY
Nice Biscotts and More, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco
Selections from The International Experimental Cinema Exhibition, Wexner Center, Columbus, OH
V.O., plus two films by Luther Price, Chicago Filmmakers, Chicago

35th International Film Festival, Rotterdam
The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, Mass
Onion City Film Festival, Chicago

Views From the Avant-Garde, The New York Film Festival, New York
Anthology Film Archives, New York
Project Cotton Candy, Participant Inc; Performa, New York
Momenta Gallery, Brooklyn, New York

Film Society, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston

Oni Performance Art Space, Boston
Balagan Experimental Film Series, Coolidge Corner Theater, Brookline, MA

Fruit Farm Film Festival, McMinnville, OR
New York Film Festival, Views from the Avant-Garde, New York
Chicago Filmmakers, Chicago
Experimental Film Club, University of Chicago, Chicago
Film Society, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston
Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago

Balgan Experimental Film Series, Coolidge Corner Theater, Brookline, MA
Do It Yourself, Roxy Cinema, San Francisco

29th International Film Festival, Rotterdam
The Whitney Museum, New York
The International Film Series, Boulder, CO (retrospective)
3rd Annual Super8 Film Festival, Pleasure Dome, Toronto, CA
Ritual Obsessions, SF Cinematheque, (retrospective) San Francisco
Not Every Picture Tells a Story, Sundance Channel
International Short Film and Video Series, Cinematexas, Austin, TX

Views From The Avant Garde, NYFF New York, New York
Big as Life: An American History of Super8 Film, MoMa, New York
Boston Underground Film Festival, Boston

An Evening of Objectionable Art, SFAI, San Francisco, CA
Transience and Sentimentality, ICA, Boston

International Film Festival, Rotterdam
Chicago Filmmakers, Kino Eye Cinema, Chicago

Cinematheque, Paris
Brussels Film Festival, Brussels
Anthology Film Archives, New York

Chicago Filmmakers, Kino Eye Cinema, Chicago

Living the American Dream, San Francisco Cinematheque, San Francisco
Slow Shuffles, Fast Glances: New Work From Boston (curated by Saul Levine), San Francisco Cinematheque, San Francisco
Another View: Selected Works Re-Screened San Francisco Cinematheque, San Francisco

Private Portraits: New Super-8 Program II, San Francisco Cinematheque, San Francisco
Rathskeller, Boston

Cold Eye and a Hard Look: Super 8 from Boston (curated by Saul Levine) San
Francisco Cinematheque, San Francisco


How Deep Is Your Love?, closing performance of Dirty Looks, at MoMA PS1, New York

Project Cotton Candy, with Katherine Finnegan, Performa 05, Participant INC, New York

Glitter Fat Fashion Maggot, CBGB, New York

Glitter Fat (with Shawn Cotter), Jacques, Boston

Clown, Total Mobile Home, San Francisco

Meat, The Eye Gallery, San Francisco


Selected Slide Projection works:
Meat, 1999-2012, 80 slides
Sorry, 2005-2012, 80 slides
# 9, 2012, 160 slides, 2 projectors
Utopia, 2012, 160 slides, 2 projectors
Birthday, 2012, 80 slides
Ribbon Candy, 2012, 80 slides

Selected 16MM Films:
2012 Bergen and Tonic; Sorry (2010-12); Sorry - Horns
2011 Inkblot #40: Sleep; Inkblot #41: Sal Mineo is Gay; Inkblot #44: Aqua
2011 Woman Sorry - Walking the Cross “Quatch”; Sorry #3;
2010 Inkblot #12: Pinch; Shelly Winters; Sprocket Blue
2008 Gift Givers Inkblot #11: The Biscuit Song; A Hallow Kiss for Mark LaPore;
2008 Helen’s Dreaming; Inkblot #9: At Twilight; Inkblot #15: Inkblot #19: Sal
2008 Mineo at Sea; The Night Before; Old September Biscuits; Tamponia
2007 After the Garden of Eden; After the Garden: Dusty Ricket; The Biscuit Day;
2007 The Burnt Night; Drunk on the Couch; Inkblot #1; Kittens Grow Up; Mark
2007 Lapore is Dreaming of Elephants; The Mongrel Sister; Suffering Biscuits;
2007 Singing Biscotts; Sleeping Beauty; The Turquoise Garden
2006 Birthday; Deaf for Chicken Lip; Dreammaker; Fancy; Inside Velvet K; Nice
2006 Baskets; Rocket; Silk; URF16; Velvet K
2005 6789; Dipping Sauce; Domestic Blue; Have a Pickle; Jelly Flower; Nice Biscotts (1); Nice Biscotts (2); Same Day, Nice Biscotts; September Song; Turbulent Blue; You’ve Got The Toni
2004 Andy Warhol, Dirty Ribbon; Dirty Rosa; Patch of Green; Ribbon Candy

Selected Super 8 Films:
2003 Clown (complete revised)
2002 Mother (revised)
2000 Recitations
1999 #5; Dead Ringer; Home; Mother; I’ll Cry Tomorrow Parts 1 & 2; Meat (blue 03); Meat (dry 02); Meat (situation 04); Ritual 629; Yellow Goodbye
1998 Door #2-37
1996 Girl; Rex is the Dog; Slam; These and Those
1995 A; Me Gut No Dog Dog
1994 Clown Part II: Scary Transformations; In Black & White; Jellyfish Sandwich; Portrait of Tom Rhoads; Sodom (Double Projection)
1993 Bottle Can; Run
1992 Clown (part 1); Meat
1991 The Chronic Chapters; Nostril Hair
1990 HSC; Hump; Nancy; A Porcelain Ribbon
1989 “12”; Eruption Erection; Sodom;
1988 Friend; Green; The Look of Love; Meet Me Near The Clothes Pin Honey Cup Cunt; Mother; Mr. Wonderful; RHA RHA RHA; Summer Time Sucks Too; Warm Broth (Second Version)
1987 Big Dog Is Dead; Noni (75); Red Rooster; Ribbon; Shit Rags; Warm Broth
1986 Chicago Film; Cold, Cold Heart; Portrait


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